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Guide To Choosing the Right Web Hosting

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Guide To Choosing the Right Web Hosting

Guide To Choosing the Right Web Hosting

In today's digital world, where websites have become an important part of businesses and individuals, choosing the right hosting provider is an important decision to make. The web hosting  provider you choose plays an important role in determining the functioning of your website in terms of security, reliability, performance. 

In this article, I will try to scratch the surface of what to take into considerations when deciding to go with a web hosting provider.

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This guide is both for shared hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting.

When deciding to embark on an online journey to have a web presence, it's vital to select a web hosting provider and by doing this, various factors have to be taken into considerations to ensure that you website succeeds. Some of these factors that will help you make the right choice are:


Website security is very important and should be one of the top factor that should be considered when picking a web hosting provider. A web hosting provider that offers SSL certificates, backup options, firewalls, and malware protection should be a default choice. Visitors will not trust a website serving from a non HTTPS. Also, having your website protected from outside attacks with the help of a firewall and a daily malware scan keeps the website secure. 

Performance and Reliability

The performance of a web hosting provider is vital. The web hosting provider should be able to carry the load of the website no matter how high the traffic could be. Most hosting providers like Hey Hosting implement load balancing to pull resources from other servers when there is a need. A web hosting provider should have a high server uptime and limited or no downtime. This means your website will never be offline due to the server being down.

Hosting Types and Plans

Each hosting plan plays a role to fit a use case and the needs of the website. Whether it's a shared hosting, a VPS, a dedicated hosting, or a cloud hosting. Each hosting type has a plan with its special features like memory, bandwidth, storage, emails and others. Having different options enables you to choose what fits for your needs.

Hosting Prices

Some prices scare customers away especially when they get the cheaper alternatives from competition. Pricing web hosting always have a lot of considerations taken into account especially if they are a little higher. Server costs, type of registrar, custom control panel, and additional features that will make the web hosting easy and performant. Going for a too cheap hosting might not be ideal as too cheap is expensive. Finding a hosting offering a moderate price with all the features that will suit your web hosting journey is even better.

Customer Support

Customer support is important. Quick and efficient support when things go wrong and for queries is very invaluable. Choosing the web hosting that offers 24/7 support through different channels like chats, emails, and phone calls. Assistance enables the resolution of issues.


Abdel Ramadan