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Web Development

Web Development

Web Development

Web applications have become the new norms. In today's world, with the revolution in technology, software run in browsers and do not required to be installed again.

HeY steps in to provide such amazing solutions where all your users need is a web browser. 

Custom Development

We develop custom solutions for customers.


Content Management for our customers and their editorial team

Mobile Apps

It can be a mobile app or a PWA. Your satisfaction is guaranteed


Reach your customers and have them buy from anywhere.

We build enterprise and consumer web applications of any scale and guarantee a successful delivery. This is thanks to a listening ear we give to customers.

Custom Development: 

We transform all your ideas into a workable solution. Because your needs are unique, we build your solutions tailored to those needs. Whether you want to launch a new consumer web application, an enterprise web application, an e-commerce platform, a blog, a showcase website, or a marketplace, we have the tooling and the expertise to make it work. You can launch your next big idea with our bespoke rainbow of solutions and reach your customers and audience in an amazing way.

Your challenge: Make the impossible possible

You want to offer your customers a personalised experience on your website, web-shop, or app. A user experience and interface tailored to your needs and that of your customers'. A custom experience ensures satisfied customers and conversions. We give you just that.

Our response: a tailor-made solution just for you

Custom development does not offer ready-made solutions or existing solutions that can just be copied. Rather, it offers precisely what you need no matter the scale. Be it large or small scale. From a large and complete website to the tiniest component, we develop each piece to fit the whole and give you the satisfaction you deserve. We build everything from the ground up to make it stand apart.

What we do

We have our mastered tools that gets the job done. We are fluent in Symfony - a PHP framework - and we build simple to complex backend applications with it. Symfony is our primary backend technology due to its full-stack nature and battle-tested components. We also use Laravel (PHP framework), Python and Go for other backend implementations depending on the need and project complexity.

Our frontend is made-up mostly of:

  •  Hotwired (Stimulus and Turbo) to provide a SPA-like and  real time experience.
  • Vue and React  
  • Templating engines like Twig
The result

Customer satisfaction is key and they get it as they understand the product so well, feel understood, easily find what they are looking for, and can easily navigate. We feel the honour and the customer is happy. 

We are a software development company that serves customers for their digital presence through the web. We transform ideas into usable web or mobile applications.